Nutrition for the World

NaranjillaWelcome to the Wiki Hompage. This wiki is a project compiled over many quarters by students of nutrition and health classes at North Seattle Community College. The Editor of this wiki is Judy Learn, a faculty member at the college.

The Editor reserves the right to adjust content to improve appearance, spelling and grammar, or the right to remove a page if it has inappropriate content, or if content is found to be plagiarized.

For students wanting to submit content, selet one of the main topic pages from the menu at the left (each main page has an arrow to expand or collapse the menu). Go to that page, and then select "Add a New Page" from that menu, and once you've uploaded your content, make a link to it from the topic page.

Student articles should draw from their interests and experiences, reflect application of course content, and may include images if the student has permission to use such images, or if they are photos taken by the student.

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