A Comparison of Labels On American Bread and Chinese Bread by changli

China and America are two of the largest producers and consumers of bread. But the nutrient composition between these two country’s products has a lot of differences. Since whole-grain bread is not very popular in China, most Chinese bread producers just make white bread, because most Chinese think the taste is better than whole-grain breadtypical chinese white bread

In America mostly I just see the whole-grain bread when I am shopping in the supermarket. I asked my American friend why supermarkets sell whole-grain bread more than white bread, and was told it is because it is healthier, and more Americans prefer it. But I still think white bread is tastier than whole-grain bread. typical American whole-grain bread

Based on the nutrition facts of these two kinds of bread, we can see the whole-grain bread is rich in minerals and protein. The fiber in whole-grain bread is also good for weight loss; it helps reduce risks for Type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis. The most important thing about whole-grain bread is that it is more nutritious than white bread, and better for your health. Nowadays, lots of Chinese producers are aware of the importance of whole-grain bread. I think in the future, that whole-grain bread will appear more in the menu of Chinese families.

Chinese White Bread American Whole Grain Bread
100 calories 80 calories
3.5 grams total fat 1.66 grams total fat
5mg Cholesterol 0 mg cholesterol
150mg Sodium 340.48 sodium
16g total carb 14g total carb
1g protein 6.27g protein
1g 2%dietary fiber 3g 4% dietary fiber

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