A Fan of Salmon by Chrispian Salim

The Versatile Salmon : Salmon is a fish that can be caught wildly or can be farmed. Most of wild salmon live in Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Research is shown that it is better for us to consume wild-caught salmon rather than farmed salmon. The reason is, although farmed salmon contain more omega-3 fatty acids that are known to be good for our heart; but, it also has higher level of cancer-causing chemicals as well as contaminants that are known to decrease the ability in remembering and change the behavioral in children. On the other hand, wild salmon is 100% natural in flavor, color and omega-3 content while cannot be reached by farm-raised salmon.
Why salmon is good for our body? There are several reasons, for instance: · Salmon is low in calories and saturated fat, yet high in protein · Salmon is a unique type of health-promoting fat, the omega-3 essential fatty acids · Salmon is a wild-caught cold water fish that contain higher in omega-3 fatty acids than warm water fish. · Salmon is also an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals such as, selenium, a very good source of protein, niacin and vitamin B12, as well as a good source of phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin B6 · Salmon can prevent from developing heart disease. · Research is showing other benefits from eating salmon, either it is fresh or canned. Omega-3 fatty acids help to lower LDL or "bad" cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart. It also helps to prevent cancer, including prostate and breast cancer, as well as arthritis and other inflammatory diseases like psoriasis
There are some ways to turn salmon nutrition facts into just plain delicious food: · You can just add fresh cooked or canned salmon pieces to a salad for a meal in a bowl. · You can toss into a pasta salad. · If you have a BBQ or an indoor grill stuff , you can grill or bake the salmon. It will be delicious, with or without added marinades and sauces on it. · You can use cubed fresh salmon and alternate it with a variety of vegetables on skewers, then grill and enjoy it. · You can just eat the salmon as a raw fish with soy sauce but you must make sure that it is a wild-caught salmon, because if it is a farmed salmon, it must be cooked thoroughly because there will be possibilities that the fish is contaminated.

Don’t be sad!! If you don’t enjoy in consuming raw or cooked salmon, you can gain many of the health benefits by taking fish oil supplements in capsule form.

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