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Sometimes it takes a poem, a song, a photo, a painting to help us have a deeper understanding of issues. Is there something we should be reading or listening to and thinking about that you want to share? Do you have a book review you want to do? Did you recently visit a museum and see something you want us to know about? Is there a pbs program coming up that we should tune in to view? What do you want to share?

(Remember, copyrighted work can't be posted here without the permission of the author/creator---but if something is posted on a public website, you can provide the link to it).

Original, student-created works done for this wiki can be posted or linked to from here.

Music In 1912, the textile workers of Lowell, Massachusettes went on strike for better wages and working conditions. Women were often the workers in these mills. They worked a 56 hour work week and made $8.76 for the week. Youth under the age of 18 worked 54 hours per week. For 9 weeks, the workers were on strike, and one sign that they carried inspired one of the great songs of the labor movement---"Bread and Roses." It's been recorded many times. This link will take you to a page where you can read about the strike, and if your scroll to the bottom, read the lyrics of the song that asks for a life that wants better conditions for all people.
Poetry and Prose (literature, non-fiction, etc.) Irish Famine Poetry: This links to an assignment designed for students in the UK, but I've linked to it because it contains several poems written at the time of the Irish Famine, or after, reflecting on this great human tragedy that lead to so many Irish leaving their homeland (many coming to the US). Migration as a response to food shortages is as old as human existence.

The Irish Famine occured during the mid 1800's and may have resulted in the death of a million people. It was the greatest agricultural disaster in European history. If you would like to know more about The Great Hunger, here is a link from the BBC.
Visual Arts (paintings, photos, etc.) From Gale Wilson: Since food is a necessary part of life for all of us, let's make it fun as well. Here is a great way to encourage kids and others who are reluctant to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. The only problem is they are almost too cute to eat! Check out this link to the New York Times for food as art. Be sure to browse through the album and the slide shows to see the many wonderful creations.

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Please see the "organic farming" photo album!
In this farming community in Israel, about half of the community works directly with the food. To avoid using pesticides and other poisons, they will use a machine to weed a field completely, then water the empty field until whatever weeds are left grow back, then weed again before planting. Also, they sprinkle a type of mite on the crops to help control other pests. Later, the mites are easily washed off of the vegetables. The whole community is completely self dependent on the organic vegetables that they grow in their fields, meaning they always have fresh organic fruits and vegetables at every meal.
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