Benefits of Breast Feeding

Mom-BabyBreast feeding your baby has many benefits, both to mother and baby! Breast milk is easily digested and so there is less stomach upset for baby. This important benefit is due to the type of protein breast milk contains. Breast milk also contains antibodies which are proteins that help protect infants from infection until their immune system is fully developed.

Mothers who breast feed find that they are able to lose weight faster.

Mother and baby bond during breast feeding! It can be a time for quiet and relaxation for both mom and baby.

Breast milk is always ready to go and is available on demand. It is the right temperature and is of no cost.

Breast feeding rates in the United States have increased, and worldwide half of all women choose to breast feed for at least the first six months!

By Lisa Roskey/LRoskey

(The Science Of Nutrition, Chapter 17)

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