Chili by Arvin wiliandy

Chilies by Arvin Wiliandy
Sambel Terasi
Chili by Arvin wiliandy - Nutrition for the World
2 tb Ground chilli
1 sm Onion
1 ts Shrimp Paste, lightly
1ts -grilled
1ts Salt, to taste
1/2 Lemon, juice only

Pound finely the chilli, onion and shrimp paste with salt to taste.
Add lemon juice and blend well.
Place in a bowl.
If you want to make Indonesian newcomers feel at home, serve it with vegetables, plain boiled rice and with a grill.
Anchovy fillets, about 2 pieces, may be substituted for shrimp paste if you wish.

Many asked what chilies do to our health.

Well, it has been proven by researchers at Nottingham University in the UK that chilies prevent cancer since it could kill cancer cells without harming any of our healthy cells and no other side effects. These studies are exciting and may explain that many countries which traditionally eat a diet which is very spicy such as Mexico and India show a lower number of patients who suffer from cancer. Capsaicin in chili specifically targets cancerous cells and there’s a possibility that these substances could be made to cure the invincible enemy of human being.

Capsaicin is also healthy when it comes to diet or losing weight. It burns out our fatty cells by increasing the metabolism during the process of burning. Thus, it helps and improves the circulation deep inside our fatness. In addition, since toxins and wastes are eliminated, it also improves the firmness and smoothness of the skin. It is an effective way for people who dislike exercises. Eating these chilies excreted a quite amount of sweat. It substitutes exercise and keeps our life healthy.

Chili is a rich source of extraction of vitamins and minerals. It richly contains vitamin A, E and C which necessary for good health. In fact, chili contains seven times more vitamin C than orange. It makes chili as one of the most popular antioxidants foods. Antioxidant is essential in preventing various diseases in our body. Since it destroys free radicals in our body and prevents any cancerous cell’s formations. Antioxidant is often used to treat many other diseases too such as traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and suppressed immunity due to poor nutrition.

There are various kinds of mixture of chili which are widely consumed in this world. Indonesia for example, we eat sambal terasi and sambal bajak. These chilies can be served together with many wide varieties of food. While in Japan, they serve wasabi together with their sashimi and sushi. It produces an enzyme action that helps kill germs and parasites when eating raw fish and is said to help digestion.

Chili by Arvin wiliandy - Nutrition for the WorldChili by Arvin wiliandy - Nutrition for the WorldChili by Arvin wiliandy - Nutrition for the World

Wasabi with sashimi Terasi with BBq chicken Wasabi

Enhancement of foods with chili has greatly increased the desire of people eating more foods. Thus, people have to do more exercises to prevent over eating. Although chili is cheap and accessible, we should not eat too much of them. It could cause us stomach ache. It is because the seeds of these chilies are too hard to be digested by our stomach. However, these negative effects of chili are incomparable to its uses and positive effects to our health.

This is one video on how to make the best sambal terasi.
Enjoy =)

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