Delicious Fish

Delicious Fish
By Tao Shi

With the fast-paced lifestyle, a lot of people have no time to cook their own food, and then have to choose to eat fast food, which is the one of major risk factors in many chronic diseases. As we know, fish, the nutrient-dense food, has a lot of benefits to human health. According to the American Heart Association, we need eat fish twice a week in order to get health benefits. So today I am going to share some simple, fast, healthy and tasty way to cook fish with you: steam fish. Delicious Fish - Nutrition for the World


One whole fish
Fresh ginger
Five green onions
One tomato
Two tablespoons soy sauce
Two tablespoons olive oil

Delicious Fish - Nutrition for the World
First pour some water(two inches or so) into the steam pot, and make the water boil with high heat. During the same time prepare some ingredients: slice some ginger, cut three green onions and chop one tomato.

Second rinse the fish with scale and gut removed and cut about one inch deep incisions on both sides of the fish. And put two chopsticks under the fish on the plate, or put the fish above two whole green onions if you can't find chopsticks, in order to make the both sides of the fish get even heat during cooking. And then put the sliced ginger inside and on the top of the fish. When the water in the pot becomes to boil, the fish is ready to put in. Be careful of the hot steam!

Delicious Fish - Nutrition for the World
When the fish is cooking, as usual, it takes about ten minutes or so with high heat until it is done. After the fish is done, carefully remove gingers and two chopsticks or two whole green onions beneath it. Put sliced fresh green onions on the fish; pour the chopped tomato around the fish; add two tablespoons soy sauce on the top of the fish; the last but not least, heat two tablespoons olive oil and sprinkle it on the fish. It is time to serve now. The whole preparation is not time-consuming for this recipe, but you can enjoy a healthy and tasty dish.

Whenever we enjoy the fish, it is important for everyone of us to remember to eat fish in a Sustainable Way. Looking for more information, please visit the link to the left--it will take you to the resources at "Seafood Watch" from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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