Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit 1By: Daniel S. Wijaya

Dragon Fruit, also known as Pitaya, belongs to one of the cactus species, in which it’s actually a fruit from a large cactus plant. It mostly grows in dry areas, especially in soil with high organic materials. It’s known as one of the most beautiful fruits in the world due to its stunning flowers and beautiful dark red skin color. The flower itself is big and white and produces a sweet smell when it blooms. Also, other flowers usually bloom during day time, but this flower only blooms at night. Furthermore, the plant can produce up to four to six dragon fruit within the fruit cycle in one year. There are two ways to farm this fruit, which by planting the seed or by stem growth. Its actual origin is still unknown, but many people say that it comes from South America. Today, dragon fruit is cultivated in various tropical areas, and it’s very famous among countries in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam which has become the main commercial producer of dragon fruit. The other countries that cultivated thisDragon Fruit - Nutrition for the World fruit includes: Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Dragon fruit is also imported in other countries, in which it can be found in markets within Okinawa, Hawaii, Israel, northern Australia and Southern China.

There are 3 different types of dragon fruit, in which it can be distinguished by the color of the flesh: white, pink, and magenta with black seeds. The flesh itself has a very refreshing and sweet flavor, and the seeds taste like cactus seeds. The white one is the least sweet, and the magenta has the sweetest taste. There are many ways to serve dragon fruit, such as serving it as fruit juice, fruit salad, or turn it into jam. Also, the pulp of the fruit is often used in alcoholic beverages, such as cocktails.

I usually keep a dragon fruit for 2-3 days to make it softer and sweeter, and then I eat it by cutting it into half and scooping the flesh. Most people often eat this as a healthy snack, because it’s low in calories, rich in vitamin C, and good for digestion. It’s mostly popular in Southeast Asia is because people said that dragon fruit has various healthy functions for the body. The functions are: improve our vision, prevent hypertension and colon cancer, support bone, lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, cleanse body toxins, Dragon Fruit - Nutrition for the Worldregulate blood circulation, support kidney function, support brain power work, strengthen the immune system, decrease Flour Albus Disease, and prevent Stomatitis Aphtosa. It is also said that the seed of the fruit can also help control the blood glucose level in our body. Other than that, women usually eat this fruit for beauty treatment and skincare. Any good fruit has nutrients that help protect us against disease and promote health, for example the vitamin C in dragon fruit is an antioxidant, and the fiber in the fruit would help reduce risks for high cholesterol and possibly colon cancer. The more dramatic claims for dragon fruit have not been proven by any scientific testing.

Dragon Fruit Juice
Dragon Fruit - Nutrition for the World

Dragon Fruit Salad
Dragon Fruit - Nutrition for the World

Dragon Fruit Jam
Dragon Fruit - Nutrition for the World

Below is a YouTube video, from a company called “Melissa’s”, that gives brief information about dragon fruit and some tips on how to prepare a dragon fruit. In the beginning of the movie, it talks about the basic information about dragon fruit: what is dragon fruit, where it comes from, and what it looks like. After that, it talks about how to serve the dragon fruit step by step, in which we can serve it as a salad, dessert sauce, or just eat the flesh directly.

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