Eating Eritrean Food in Sweden!

by Faye Mezengie

My nutritional experience in different countries I am from north Africa ( Eritrea) originally ; I moved from Eritrea to Sweden 8 years ago. The society where I grew up the usual diet consists of "Taita" or "enjera", a type of bread or pancake eaten with a meat or legume sauce or stew walled "Tsebhi" or "zigni." Taita is made mostly from cereal called "Taff"; however a mixture of cereals can be used to make taita. Legumes are an important part of the diet and are largely prepared in the form of stew or wot. Stew usually is very spicy and contains a variety of condimNutrition/Health News - Nutrition for the Worldents, including onions, garlic, berbere (hot chili powder with other spices, cardamom, white and black cumin, basil, ginger, etc.). Fruits and vegetables are not commonly eaten, except in some of the larger towns and during the period of religious fasting. It is very rare to find overweight in the citizens cause of the hard life , everything is manual. Most foods are made with very fresh, natural ingredients and you will seldom see pre-packaged or canned goods. While this means that you will be packing in lots of great vitamins, it also means that your stomach will have to adjust. Be careful mixing different types of food, and try not to eat more than one heavy meal in one day (and better if it is not at night). Peruvians usually eat their heaviest meal at lunchtime, and for good reason -- you need time to digest, and it's not good to go to bed on a full stomach. The spicy pepper sauces come in a variety of delicious colors and flavors. Go easy on them at first as you don't know how your stomach or digestive system will react. No mechanical transport most of the population go from village to village by camel, donkey and hors. I remember when I was 17 years old traveled for 23 days without any transport and this hard life keeps citizens body balanced whatever you eat you will never gain wait , cause it costs a lot of ATP to survive. Last time when I was in Eritrea my weight was 75 Kilos exactly when I got Sweden mybody weight became 85 through short time , I thought that was radicals how could happen that thing ? Yes what was going on cause of my physical activity was totally decreased to 0 % my body started to store fats. The people in Sweden was a little bite different than the people of Eritrea ; the difference was not only color without their appearance (it is more normal to see overweight people in Sweden than Eritrea). I taught the Swedish food made me to increase on weight so I intended to stop eating the Swedish traditional food and I did it , but I did not see any sufficient result out of it. This is one picture in Sweden with my Swedish friends in one Eritrean restaurant , most of it is vegetable What I experienced is you leave home to go and live somewhere else, you naturally take your own personality and cultural ways with you. When you arrive in a new country with a different culture you can experience a wide variety of feelings and reactions. You may feel confused, nervous, irritable, uncertain and dependent on others. I went through these things mentally and I was not working hard as I was doing in Eritrea and that is the main factor from experience which made me to gain that much weight. The different was not only in the landscape, the food is not what I am used to and the people look, speak and act differently from the people at home. You may not be able to speak with other people as confidently. If you feel lonely, you may miss your family and friends more than you expected. May be these things were as second factor. we eat lots of kinds of food in Sweden. Husmanskost is the name of the most regular dishes. Only at the weekends we make a "big" dinner. Then the ingredients are more expensive and we make it more exclusive. At feasts we have traditionel dishes like dop in the pod and surströmming. Basically it is genuinely Swedish. Today the plain and hearty husmanskost is undergoing a renaissance in Sweden. The best of the old recipes have been revived and often revised so they are less sturdy and easier to prepare. Propaganda for better diets has also helped to improve the Swedish husmanskost, reduct the fat content and add fruits and vegetables. so what I firmly believe that I learned from my emigrating life people can gain or lose their weight when they moved to somewhere or when they change their life style.