Ethiopian Key Wot Stew

by Askale Belay

I grew up in a country where everything that we cook is fresh and organic. Engera (sometimes spelled injera) is the main dish in Ethiopia. Engera is made up of teff flour which is a crop, and when enjera is prepared it`s flat and looks like a pancake. “Key Wot” is one of the most common stews served with engera for lunch and dinner time. We get the required amount of nutrition from what we eat. I grew up eating and cooking this stew since I started to eat spicy food. First we layered enjera in a flat plate, and we put key wot on the top of it. We use our hands to eat enjera. Key wot is red in color and has a spicy taste.

When I was young my mother used to cook for our family, especially during holidays. She got up early in the morning, and started to cook for lunch. While the ket woy was cooking she used to give us Kita firfir (bread mixed with butter and cottage cheese) for breakfast and a cup of tea. In Ethiopian culture fthe amily eats around one tray especially during holidays. For this reason my mother used to use a big tray, and everybody could eat together.

It takes several hours to prepare key wot in order for it to be tasty. The recipe for how to cook key wot is as follows:
1. Cut about two to three Lb of anion into small pieces, and boil it till the water evaporates, and add one tea cup of oil and fried it, keep stirring.
2. Add three chopped tomatoes and cook together for about 15 minutes 3. Add four table spoon of berebere (chili powder), and a cup of water. Cook for about one hour, add water as needed
4. Cut beef in to pieces, and add it. Cook for another hour.
5. Finally add Kibe( butter) and chopped garlic. Add few cups of water, and mix them together and cook for about 15 minutes. And there you have it---Ethiopian Key Wot Stew.

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