by Vy Nguyen

Having a good looking body to wear the beautiful clothes is becoming the very common dream of many women today. To make the dream come true, you have to stick to maintain to a certain program. However, if you choose to follow dieting, these steps below will help you so much.

Step 1: Do not think that you are dieting; in fact, dieting is just a process that you are changing your habit of eating. Talking psychologically, that will be a pressure for you, and it will make you feel tired and frustrated with your plan

Step 2: Do not say that you are dieting, say that you are going on a “smart eating process” instea
Fresh fruitd. These words will encourage you a lot during the time.

Step 3: Do not abuse or depend on the scales to evaluate yourself. They cannot help you to lose any pounds. In the best way, do not buy a scale or use it often.

Step 4: Do not care too much of how weight you can lose. It will make you feel stress and not

Step 5: Notice the measurements of your body in the morning when you did not have breakfast yet because it is the time you can get the most exact numbers of your body, and then note them to the paper so you can compare after the dieting period.

Step 6: Do not think that you will get the good result absolutely in the next week. You have to make a careful plan and follow it for at least six months. Set a reasonable target about how much you want to lose by the end of the process; through that, you will easily to adjust your diet.

[Editor's Note: A sensible weight loss will be about 1-2 pounds per week, so in 6 months 12-15 pounds would be a healthy and obtainable goal. It took you a while to put on the weight, it takes time to lose it. ---J. Learn]

Step 7: Write a diary for the first week of the diet and try to write in details about what you eat, to feel easier to follow in the next days. [Editor's Note: A diary makes you aware of your eating habits, and where you maybe need to work on improving. For best results, keep it throughout your diet. ---J. Learn]

Step 8: Make your own menu. You should eat more vegetables, drink non fat milk. Reduce the food which is high in fat or cholesterol, like fatty protein, whole eggs (egg whites or egg substitutes are fine), pork, cheese, butter, etc, and especially avoid drinks with lots of sugar and empty calories, like sodas and alcohol.

Step 9: Check your refrigerator. It is going to be very hard to say “no” to a refrigerator that is full of the foods you like, so you should clean them up and instead buy the food that is healthy, and healthier for your diet.

Step 10: You have to cheat your tongue. Some of you do not like to eat vegetables but you have to, so you can eat them indirectly by cooking them as soups or make juices and salads. It is going to taste very good. By th
at way, I think everybody will love to diet.

Step 11: Have the right snacks: fruit, milk, yogurt, a whole grain cereal are the top diet foods. You can eat small portions of favorite foods when you are hungry.

Step 12: Do not eat out too often. You are in the diet; it will be very hard to prevent yourself from the very delicious foods in the restaurant, which are usually high in fats and salt. Try not to go to such places too often.

Step 13: Do not let yourself be too hungry and skip meals. That just makes you eat twice more in the next meal. And the extreme hunger will make your determination begin to fail.

Step 14: Be more active. Doing exercises not only help you to lose weight but also help you to be relax, healthy, strong and prevent diseases. It boosts your metabolism and keeps it up even when you aren't exercising.

Step 15: The last advice for the one who plans to lose weight is that dieting cannot bring to you the best result in just a short time. That is the long hard process which requires you to look toward your goal from the beginning to the ending.

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