Food Shortages in Africa

Food shortages are a big problem oll over the world. About 854 million people, or about 7.7% people in the world are in a hunger crisis. Today all over the world a lot of people do not have enough food. in this video clip, we see a lot of people who are starving.Their flesh is gone---we could even count their ribs. It is so sad to see all these people suffering. Hunger does not choose age, sex, race, and religion. The most affected areas today are mostly African countries, but there have been food riots in many parts of the world. War plays a major role in hunger, forcing people into refugee situations. The African countries are a good example of hunger related to war and conflict. Countries like Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Chad,Rwanda etc, are some of the countries that are either involved in war or are dealing with so many refugees---and also these are the countries that are highly affected by food shortages.