Food in China: Northern Style vs. Southern Style

by Shouheng Yi
I'm from Tianjin, a northern city in China, very near Beijing. The food in northern China is so different from the food in southern China. It's due to the different weather. In North, people have very cold winter and hot summer. In south, people have humid weather all years. In my home town, in the winter, you can skate on the lake, your windows will be covered my ice. We wear like Russians! Sometimes, i missed the snow while you got cold rain in Seattle for at least three month.
Yes, we eat rice, but in northern China, we eat wheat as well. I would say half rice, half wheat. We have a lot of wheat productions, like wheat bread, wheat buns and noodles.
Yes, we eat meat, but nothing like monkeys and dogs. We eat pork, beef and fish. Northern people are a little bit conservative on food. In southern China, you are expecting to eat some really rare food, even it's very rare for northern Chinese.
Northern people need more carbs to live in the winter, so we eat a lot of wheat. Our food is very salty as well, not like Southern China, you have very spicy food or sweat food. (i saw a southern family. all they had for lunch were red hot peppers and rice, of course, they were sweeting a lot... Northern people usually can't have that food.) Those are due to the humid weather in South.
Let's take a look at how much we focus on wheat food than rice.
Jian Bing Guo Zi - except the egg outside, it's all wheat. It's the common breakfast for Tianjiners (also, food diversity in China is huge even the near-by cities. For example, you have total different food preference in Beijing and Tianjin). Very cheap, 3-4 RMB(50 cents). Miss you so much....
Jian Bing Guo zi
Gou Bu Li Bao Zi - I found a video on youtube, nice coverage of what it is. Famous food in China. Expensive, but tasty. Also, mostly wheat.

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