Fufu A Delicious African Food

Fufu: A Delicious African Food by Elizabeth Coleman

Hello and welcome to my Wiki project. I’m going to introduce and teach you to prepare a delicious African food – Fufu. Before we begin I should explain what everyone familiar with this African dish knows. Fufu is actually cooked dough with a thick but soft consistency made from pounded yam or oatmeal. It is used to eat a soup made from various ingredients. The meal – the soup and the fufu are eaten together by hand. The fufu is used to dip or scoop up the soup. The fufu dough by itself is really not something eaten alone; it simply serves as an edible means of transferring the soup to your mouth. However, when referring to fufu an African knows that what they are in store for is a delicious soup. Now that that is understood let’s begin preparing our Fufu!
The first step is to prepare the soup. There are many different soups and sauces that are common in Nigeria; ogbolo, okra, or egwusi and many others. Today we are going to make my favorite, egwusi!
Recipe for Egwusi Soup
2 cup grounded pumpkin seed
1 cup grounded crayfish
2 teaspoons chicken bullion
1 pound smoked catfish (cut into approx. 4 pieces)
1½ pound goat or lamb cut into cubes (precooked by boiling or pressure cooking).
16 oz chopped spinach or turnip greens
6 oz tomato paste
1 cup diced red onions
½ cup olive oil
Salt to taste

Egwusi soup ingredients

Fry onions in olive oil, add tomato paste and simmer for about 5 minutes
Add pumpkin seed and simmer another 10 minutes. (Stir continually)
Add bullion, lamb or goat, catfish, crayfish and salt with 2 cups of water
Cook on medium heat for about 20 minutes to thicken
Add spinach and cook for 3 minutes

Two cups of grounded oatmeal
Use 1 cup water and cook with wooden spoon stirring continually until it is well mixed
Form into cooked dough.

Now we’re ready to eat!
Since Fufu is eaten by hand, first wash hands thoroughly.
Now pull off some of the Fufu and roll it into a small bite size ball.
Dip the Fufu into the soup and using your thumb create a small dimple which will hold some of the soup as you scoop this morsel into your mouth. The pieces of meat may be eaten separately or along with each dip.

Umm Good!

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