Summer Health Reciples by Hanyi Li (Emmiline)

The hot summer is a season of consumption---picnics, parties with friends, etc.. People in high-temperature environments may experience increases in the body's metabolic physiology as the body tries to stay cool, and nutrition will certainly be a factor. Therefore, we should think much of healthy eating and upkeep in summer. This is because when people are in a hot work environment, the body temperature regulation, water and salt metabolism and circulation, digestive, nervous, endocrine and urinary system have undergone significant changes, and these changes can lead to enhanced metabolism, and a need for an increase in nutrient consumption. Furthermore, people's appetites are often reduced (people may not feel hungry when it is too hot outside or inside) and this will limit the normal intake. Needing healthy foods, but not eating enough can even give rise to a deficiency. Summer Helthe recipes - Nutrition for the World l
In traditional Chinese medicine theory it says, “Human digestive function is weak, therefore; the food should focus on what can heat and be good for spleen. “ Therefore, the diet should be light and refreshing food and less greasy food. The appropriate food can be the sours or high spicy food to enhance the appetite. Summer Helthe recipes - Nutrition for the World


Ø To add sufficient protein: In High-temperature conditions, decomposition of human tissue protein increased, therefore; I recommend that people eat a good source of protein daily, such as learn meat, tofu and eggs. Those kinds of high proteins food. and to consider serving it with a cold soup, to encourage staying cool and hydrated).

Ø To replenish vitamins: When it is hot, there is an increase of perspiration. Especially vitamin C, addition of vitamin B1 and B2. Therefore, Vitamins and minerals work best for us if we are getting them daily in wholesome foods. Fruits and vegetables are normal high nutrients food as we know. Furthermore; whole grains and nuts are also easy to eat. Those food are light, refreshing, easy to eat, and provides lots of great nutrients.

Ø To complement water and inorganic salt: Stay hydrated and drinks before you feel thirst, because when you wait to drink until you feel thirsty, you are already a little bit dehydrated. So do not wait to you feel thirsty, then add water. Make it like a habit to drink water more times. Water is no heat and no fat, especially we loss lots water in summer, therefore water is our best choice. Having a few salty snacks, such as a small handful of nuts or seeds can replenish lost sodium and other minerals lost in sweating. In addition, If you are exercising or working really hard outside on a project, or if you are playing sports with friends and are sweating a lot, you can choose one of the sports drinks like Gatorade which replenishes some of these lost electrolytes.

Eating taboos in summer:
1. Eating hot foods if they make you feel uncomfortable or over-heated.
2. Avoid over eating when the temperature is too high, as it can make you feel uncomfortable. So do not over eat when it is too hot, and eat light foods such as salads, fruits, soups—both hot and cold soups—which will feel lighter on the stomach.
3. Stay hydrated. In a hot summer, we can choose to drink water, juice and other fluids to replenish nutrients and to stay hydrated. You should not restrict water intake when it is hot—this can be harmful. In other words, we don’t want to over-consume, which can lead to water intoxication, but that is a rare event, and we’d have to drink a LOT of water.

Suggested meals for a hot day:
Breakfast: Millet, mung beans, eggs, celery, carrot, cabbage, kelp, green peppers, boiled egg, etc.
Snack: Yogurt.
Lunch: Rice, brown rice, summer squash, dried small shrimps, eel, celery, eggs, almonds, peas, etc.
Snack: Watermelon.
Dinner: Learn meat, but not choose fried chicken, it just let you gain much fat. We try rice, cornmeal, bitter melon, pork or other lean meat. Or some light calorie salad, better to choose no boiled vegetables with lemon juice.
And to conclude, here are some tips about summer health.

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