Healthy Lifestyle in the Workplace

Healthy Lifestyle in the Workplace
by Leonardo Ateng

Most working Americans are now putting in well over 40 hours a week at their job. During that time, they might not even think about the foods that they ate. However, there are many solutions being made in order to make the employees stay healthy when doing their work. Most employers are now realizing that if employees stay healthy, they will be less likely to use sick time. Some growth issue like health hazard in some workplace has made most workplace to modify their facility in order to make their employees to stay healthy. The workplace is an important location for successful health promotion strategies because employees today spend a growing amount of time at work and a better state of health can be created here through a healthy working environment, organization of work and the promotion of healthier lifestyles. Large numbers of premature death and chronic diseases could principally be avoided through the promotion of healthier lifestyles. Why most workplaces do need to change into healthy lifestyle?

[Untitled]Healthy Lifestyle in the Workplace - Nutrition for the WorldHealthy Lifestyle in the Workplace - Nutrition for the World

The Wellness Councils of America estimate that approximately 81 percent of businesses with 50 or more employees have some form of health promotion program available to their employees. Having a healthy workplace is important to keep your employees healthy and at work. The workplace is where most adults spend most of their time. Employers can help promote healthy workplaces by getting rid of junk foods, adding an exercise room, and sanitizing the office often. No one disputes that health care costs are on the rise due to increasing rates of chronic diseases. Diabetes, heart disease, cancers and other chronic illnesses afflict millions of Americans and have a substantial impact on the economy, both in lowered worker productivity and increased health care costs.

By creating a wellness or fitness center in the workplace, employers can lower health-care costs, absenteeism and stress at work while at the same time increasing productivity, morale and time utilization. It might sound like a costly proposition, but in actuality, health promotion can be relatively inexpensive, with benefits to employers and workers greatly outweighing costs, according to health and fitness professionals. To address overall health and disease prevention, an employer can offer health screenings through a local hospital, an insurance provider, or its own medical staff if the company has one.

Many people are not aware of potential health problems. There are less expensive ways to promote fitness that involve little or no liability for employers. A company could institute a lunchtime walking club, with incentives to encourage employees to join. If you can promote a healthy workplace, you will cut down on the amount of employees that are absent. When employees are healthier, they work harder and they are much happier with their jobs. Making simple improvements to increase employee’s health will let them know how much they are appreciated. Make sure you have enough money to offer your employees better working conditions like new computers, telephones, and flexible work hours.

Provide your employees with activities that promote health and overall wellbeing. You can create this environment by dedicating a separate room to exercise. Purchase a treadmill, an elliptical machine, and some other exercise tools for employees to use. Encourage your staff members to use the exercise room during breaks, lunchtime, or even before or after work. Several companies have even purchased treadmills for offices and employees walk on them all day instead of sitting down at a desk. There are even companies that have replaced their office chairs with exercise balls. The exercise balls promote good posture and it gives the employee a nice lower body workout while they are working.

Finally, look at the food choices offered in the vending machines. They can be changed easily to offer healthy snacks, as opposed to the default candy bars and chips. If you create a culture of health and wellness throughout your workplace, it will be easier for employees to make good choices most of the time.

Thus, by improving workplaces to healthy lifestyle can make huge impacts to the company and employees as well. By doing such improvement in the workplace, it kind of make sure that employees are safe from hazards. Healthy lifestyle in workplace is also improving the way human being live their life. Therefore, STAYS HEALTHY and it’s going to be alright !

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