How could yoga help us in our lives? What is the benefit for doing yoga in our lives?

by Sei-Hee Kim

Some people believe that yoga is simple stretching exercise, and they think it is really easy to do yoga. The main purpose of the yoga is deliverance. This is a technical term from philosophy of religion, which means the freedom of soul from the body or our consciousness.

Now I would like to talk about “how could doing yoga contribute” to this idea of deliverance.

1. A main change in a person who does yoga is stabilization of respiration and reduce the elimination of carbonic acid gas. Yoga trainee can reduce waste of oxygen up to 20%. [Editor's Note: In normal breathing, carbon dioxide is carried in the blood as carbonic acid and bicarbonate ions--this acts as a buffer to keep the pH of the blood within a narrow normal range. What the article seems to be suggesting is that the person who does yoga uses their oxygen more efficiently, and also eliminate carbon dioxide as it returns to the lungs more efficiently. This would reduce the amount of carbonic acid/bicarbonate in the blood somewhat. ---J. Learn]
2. The yoga trainees have a different brain wave pattern than normal people. Their alpha wave cycles rate reduce to 7 to 8, which is stabilized brain wave can only be presented during sleeping. [Editor's note: There are brain wave changes during the meditation that can be a part of yoga--these are associated with a state of deep relaxation. ---J. Learn]
3. Increase of skin electric resistance. This increase can reduce physiological anxiety and tension, but on the other hand it can increase peace in our mind.
4. Decrease of a lactate in blood about 4 times and at the same time it will stabilize our body. [Editor's Note: A reduction in lactate simply means that muscles are relaxing, being well-oxygenated. Other forms of moderate exercise can also do this. ---J. Learn]

Therefore these scientific result represent that yoga trainees have different physiological states than normal people, and this will reduce risks for getting hypertension, diabetes mellitus and senility in the elderly due to the positive changes caused by doing yoga. With this exercise people may become more optimistic than others.

So I would like to demonstrate three different positions you can do at home, which you can easily do it for 30 seconds.

1. Baby Pose: the baby pose represents how baby was posed in mothers’ stomach.
Baby Pose

2. Respiration exercise
Respiration exercise

3. Especially helpful for person with positive disc (back problems).
For disk

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