Hunger and Malnutrition

By RJ Marianne Floresca

The problem of hunger and malnutrition has long existed but still it could not get enough of the world’s attention and support. There are roughly 963 million people who are hungry and undernourished which mostly are from the developing countries. Statistic shows that there are approximately 907 million people affected by this in the developing countries alone. Dominating the list are the Asia and the Pacific which tallied 565 million people that are suffering from starvation.

In every part of this world, you could not miss to see a person suffering from this epidemic that is rapidly spreading like an infectious disease. Hunger and malnutrition is affecting one of every seven people all over the world, making it a significant health risk. Individuals who are deprived of food and adequate nutrients to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle can become undernourished and deficient in vitamins and minerals thus making them more susceptible to various infections and diseases or at worst death.

Hunger has sprawled all over the world and is affecting millions of people especially women and children despite the fact that globally food is abundant. Poverty, natural calamities or disaster and war are just a few reasons why hunger has existed and have affected millions of people and have contributed a debilitating effect. in the present economy especially in those developing countries it is a serious situation. Hunger and malnutrition are an obvious sign of poverty which can take years before it gets treated but numerous government and private organization and agencies are working together to come up with a better strategic plan to alleviate the problem. The UN food programme is an excellent example of a food aid agency which aims to help develop a long term solution to fight hunger worldwide.

Hunger and malnutrition go hand in hand. A person who can't adequately supply his or her most basic needs, can become deficient in energy and vitamins and minerals thus leading to malnutrition which can result in various diseases or infections that have already affected millions of people worldwide.

Ending hunger and malnutrition is a very challenging task for each individual, for us and for the nation. It does take a lot of patience, cooperation, participation and proper education to help find a solution to this problem but all these efforts will bring results that could be vital to each person suffering from this dilemma and could save thousands of lives in the future.

Sources: UN Food Program

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