Hunger in Ethiopia, when and why it happens.

By Yeshi Gashu

I would like to briefly discuss how global warming, politics, and wars affect Ethiopia going hungry. I also believe that, if there is no change in these three areas, it will continue to keep Ethiopia one of Africa’s poorest and hungriest countries.

The first area is global warming. Ethiopia is already a very dry country and as the climate continues to change, this could have drastic implications on the people of Ethiopia. Since most of the Ethiopians are crop farmers and rely on the rain for irrigation, if there is a lack of rain, this could cause a severe drought that would jeopardize the food they need to survive. In turn, this would cause potential hunger problems and possible famine issues that could be worse than what was experienced in 1985.

The second area is the government of Ethiopia. The government controls a huge role in the lives of Ethiopians. For instance, when it comes to electricity, Ethiopians have become accustomed to numerous black out days. By controlling the usage of electricity, the impact can be felt through the water supply. During a black out day, Ethiopians will have to find other means to get water to cook and shower with, which can create possible sanitation problems.

The third and final area is the wars that have affected and continue to affect Ethiopia. In the last twenty years, Ethiopia has had two wars that have disrupted the progression of the country. The first one was a bloody territorial war against Eritrea, which now is monitored by the United Nations. The second war is hunger, which is still happening to date because of the lack of education and resources available to the people.

Although Ethiopia is a country I can relate too, it’s a country that is extremely weak from the numerous droughts, government corruption, and decades of wars. In order for Ethiopia to become a stronger country, it will need to find more agricultural resources, do a better job of educating the population, and become a more diplomatic country.

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