Indonesian Salad Recipe

Hi..I'm Raymond Indra!

I have an advice for all of the people who is trying to do diet and boring of their diet meal.Here's my recipe of Indonesian Salad which healthy and good to eat on diet.I'd like to share about how to make Indonesian Salad which is very easy to make. Actually, Indonesian salad is not a part of our daily meal. Indonesian salad is one dish of food that called "PECEL". Indonesian people really like this dish.They usually eat this salad with rice and crackers.

First step before you start cooking you have to prepare the ingredients :
- 150 gram of string bean ( 3cm each chopping)
- 200 gram of bean sprouts
- 250 gram of spinach
- 100 gram of cabbage ( 4cm x 4 cm each chopping)
- 200 gram of fried tofu (3cm x 3cm x 3cm chopping)
- Crackers ( buy in asian market )

Salad dressing ingredients :
- 250 gram of fried peanuts
- 200 Ml of warm water
- 5 pieces of red chili
- 5 pieces of lime leaves
- 5 cloves of garlic
- 120 gram of brown sugar
- Salt ( it's up to you how many tea spoon do you want )

Second Step :

1. You have to make salad dressing first. Grind all of the the chilis, lemon leaves, garlics, brown sugar, and salt.
2. Grind the peanuts and warm water.
3. Mix the number 1and number 2.
4. You have to boil all of the vegetables and drain it all up.
5. Mix all of the vegetables and the number 3. Mix it until all the salad dressing and the vegetables mixed up.

Third Step :

This is a picture that i got for Healthy Indonesian Salad :
Indonesian Salad

Indonesian people usually eat salad with rice and crackers. And also you can drop some fried red garlic on the top of the dish to make it more yummy!

Please have a try.. =)

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