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Indonesian Ramadan Food by Ezra G. Arsajaya
Sea xiaoting wang
Luxury trend of eating gold by siu-fung yeung
Poverty vs. Luxury in Jakarta by Christian Sontani
Kaiten-Zushi: Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurants by Amy Reiszl
Fried Chicken on a Dark Summer Night: Hunger in South Africa by Hillary U
Pakistani Haleem
Traditional Chinese food for a day. by Xiaodong Xing
Night Markets: Taiwan's Most Popular Dining Source by Vivian Chen
Poverty and Polution along Jakarta's Rivers by Stephanie Wibowo A Grassroots Movement: An Introduction to Slow Food by Shannon Kelly
The Cuisine of Georgia: Unique Flavors with Healthy Consequences by Alina Stanishevska
The Jewish Vegetarian Diet by Becky Streich Ingredients and Cuisine: Ghana by Nan Krafft An Introduction to Ayurveda by Pia Fish
Building a Bakery, Clearing a Garden in Nicaragua by Heather Grinde
Official Okays Use of Marijuana in Foods by Edward Sugiharto
Breastfeeding to minimize malnutrition in Indonesia by Riva Lauritz
Hunger in China by Li Hui
The Crisis of Food Price Inflation by Hsu-Chung Fang
A Special Meal in Ghana by Elinor Coleman
Food Shortages in Africa [and YouTube video]
Poverty in Indonesia by Hendri Cahyadi
Malnutrition in Indonesia Caused by Povertyby Kelly Lestari
A Modern Diet in Ecuador: When in Quito... by Eric Rucker
Agriculture and hunger in Ethiopia by Brandi Moran
Enhancing cassava production to ensure food security in sub-Saharan Africa by Teshome Skikesso
Heifer International: The Gift That Keeps Giving by Ashley Durkin
Food Wastage and what can you do to help by Steven Chou
Health Risk in Indonesian Foods from Street Vendors by Aref Purnomo Food Safety and Hygiene in Vietnam by Trang Nguyen Couscous: The Food Staple of Morocco by Marianne Fisher
Injera's Place in Ethiopian Culture by Berhanu Hagos
The Inuit (eskimo) diet: How did they survive? by Jim Ploger
Food Safety Issues in India by Guneeta Singh
Hope for the Dominican Republic by Amy Crecelius
Unclean process of food makers in Vietnam by Tiep Pham

Hunger and Malnutrition by RJ Marianne Floresca
International Aid Organizations by Cleo Faraone

Pakistani Haleem by Whitney Lewis

Kimchi - A Taste Of Korea by Ji Young Kim

Consequence of eating shark fin soup in Taiwan by Ping-Tse, Lee

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