My Families’ Special Recipe

By Robel Abera

My family has a special recipe which my mom makes every now and then,called Romiti. I want to share this great food with all of you my classmates and my instructor or even other students from previous quarters and for the coming quarters. I will write about this recipe and how to prepare it and also what ingredients you need to prepare this delicious food. My mom started making this recipe back in 1994 (I remember it because World Cup 94 was going on at that time and that was the first World Cup I ever saw when I was about 9 years old). I used to stay up late to watch those games and during the final game after my favorite team (Brazil) had won the World Cup my Mom cooked this food for our family and I really enjoyed eating it. Maybe it was because I was so happy that my team had won but that was the best meal I ever had. Ever since then we ask my mom to make that recipe for us once in a while, and she still makes it nicely.

My Families’ Special Recipe - Nutrition for the World
Here is a picture of ingera, a traditional Ethiopian food (a type of flat bread)---and for this recipe put the spaghetti on top of the ingera and enjoy the food.

Here are the ingredients you need to make this food:

Prego tomato purees 2 bottles
Beef/ ground 1 lb
Tomatoes 2 chopped
Onion 1 chopped
Basil 2 tablespoon
Oregano 2 tablespoon
Salt half of a fist
Sugar one fist
Cheddar cheese 5 slices
Button mushrooms 2 cans
Ingera; Ethiopian flat bread*
And spaghetti pasta

Once you have all the ingredients you can get started by heating oil in a pan and then you fry beef and onion until it is cooked. After you have done that you will need to add puree and stir it till it boils then add one fist of sugar and half fist of salt for taste. Next you need two tablespoon of basil and oregano and five slices of cheddar cheese, after that you add some button mushrooms and bring it to boil. Then you boil water for the spaghetti and when you are done with that put the sauce on top of the spaghetti and put the spaghetti on top of Ingera and enjoy your food.

[ *Editor's Note: If you don't have injera (which traditionally is made from a type of grain called teff), you can substitute another flat bread. Many cultures have flat breads--for example, in the Mediterranean region you have pita bread. ---Judy]

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