My special meal: Maki and Miso soup

by Hanahlyn Park

I would like to introduce one of my family's favorite special meals. On some special days, I make a special meal for my family. Since we eat meats more than vegetables, I make a special vegetable dish for my family. I am the one who actually created the special dish for my family and named it Maki, which means "roll" in Japanese. I named the special dish after "roll" in Japanese because it is pretty similar to sushi roll. I always make Japanese style miso soup in addition to Japanese style Maki because miso soup is also very nutritious. Maki and miso soup create a special meal for a special day for my family and they eat various vegetables that they don't usually eat. You should try it!

Special meal: Maki and Miso Soup

1. Maki


*Maki Recipe (for two people): 1/2 carrot, 1/2 cucumber, flying fish egg (or raw salmon/ raw tuna), 4 eggs, soy sauce, wasabi, 2 small avocado, **dried laver seaweed, or any other vegetables, rice

*One of the good things about preparing this dish is that people can add or remove any vegetables as they wish. This dish can be prepared various ways.
**Dried laver seaweed is a high nutritional value food. It is low in cholesterol and is a good source of many vitamins, rivoglavin, niacin, iron, and magnesium. It is made by 100% seaweed.

How to make Maki
1. prepare vegetables from refrigerator and cook the white rice.

2. Separate white of eggs and yolk of eggs into two different bowls. And fry white of eggs and yolk of eggs. (Then, cut into thin slices.)

My special meal: Maki and Miso soup - Nutrition for the World
3.Cut the prepared vegetables and eggs into thin slices and cut the avocados into thin slices. Place all the vegetables and avocados in one plate and place flying fish eggs on the same plate.


4. Put rice in a big bowl

dried laver seaweed
5. Cut dried laver seaweed into four pieces

6. Enjoy Maki by place vegetables, eggs, flying fish eggs, and avocado into dried laver seaweed. Then, lightly deep into prepared soy sauce (with wasabi) and eat.

2. Miso Soup

My special meal: Maki and Miso soup - Nutrition for the WorldMiso Soup

Miso Soup Recipe: *Japanese Miso (about one spoon), one handful of seaweed, half of the firm tofu, thin slices of green onion

*Japanese Miso: It is composed with isoflavones, phytochemicals, and very beneficial to certain bacteria that aid digestion in our body. (Click here to see nutritional values for miso soup) Some researches indicate that miso acts as antioxidant.

How to make Miso soup

1. Boil the water (3cups of water)
2. Put one spoon of Miso
3. Put prepared tofu and seaweed (cut tofu into small pieces)
4. Put prepared green onion (thin slices)

Then, you can eat maki and miso soup together.

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