In the Spring of 2008 I took a trip to Nicaragua. On this trip we partnered with a local church and orphanage. Our projects included helping to build a bakery and clean out a large garden for their use.

Nicas rely on local markets, their own gardens, and livestock to provide their food. We were able to help build a bakery adjacent to the orphanage so that it wouldNicaragua - Nutrition for the World generate revenue as well as supply food. We also helped to clear out a garden behind the dorms so that the people could use it as means to grow crops. This location was chosen so that the livestock could not damage the crops.

Researching today, I came across this article about gardens in Nicaragua and I feel it is a good source that describes the type of things that Nicas do to get their food supply. It is also important because they are school gardens meaning that they are teaching the young kids vital tools in regards to gardening and nutrition.

Bakery Construction

These photos are taken in Sandino, Nicaragua where we helped to construct this future bakery that will benefit the local market and help to generate revenue for the orphanage so that they can house more children.

Contributed by Heather Grinde
user: hgrin81886

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