No Nuts About It!

No Nuts About It!

Living in a Nutty world with food allergies by Jessica Wakefield

tree nuts No nuts about it, thousands of people in the United States are dealing with food allergies. For some it is an upset stomach and others it is a life threatening event. One of the most common food allergies is tree nut allergies, although not as common as peanut allergies they are quickly climbing thier way up the list of top 10 food allergies. Having a tree nut allergy does not mean you are allergic to peanuts which fall into the legume family, nevertheless many people who are allergic to one are allergic to the other. Food allergies to tree nuts can include Almond, Beechnut, Brazil nut, Bush nut, Butternut, Cashew, Chestnut, Coconut, Filbert, Ginko nut, Hazelnut, Hickory nut, Lichee nut, Macadamia nut, Nangai nut, Pecan, Pine nut, Pistachio, Shea nut and Walnut.

Despite the rise in reported allergies to tree nuts many people still don’t realize that friends and family could be affected by this condition. For most people with allergies the symptoms stem from the consumption of the product they are allergic to. However there are those lucky groups of people who can have reactions to all encounters with the offender. I am one of those luck few. The smell and the oils even touching my skin can cause anything from difficulty breathing to blisters on the skin. The amazing thing is that the average person doesn’t realize is how much of these oils are in the items they use everyday from lotions to shampoos and everything in between. Users of such products are oblivious to how this could affect the people around them, especially in close quarters.

Even those who are looking to ensure they do not buy products with nut oils or nut meats can be confused by those companies who list the molecular name for the nuts they are including in their product. A great example is the sweet almond oil which is in almost all organic and natural beauty products; it commonly is listed as Oleum Amygdalae. Would you know to look for this term while reading your ingredients list? Things you should consider when you have guests in your home who have food allergies most especially to tree nut is to provide hand soaps that are nut product free, If your guests are staying overnight it might be a good idea to look at the ingredients of your laundry detergent to ensure your guest won’t breakout from the sheets on the bed. As far as having friends over for dinner that may have food allergies make sure you have a conversation with them about what they can and cannot consume because every person is different. Some people who have Tree nut allergies can consume coconut with no effect and others have reactions to it. The best defense to the complicated world of food allergies is great offense, ask a lot of questions and never be afraid to ask too many questions. It is better to be over informed than risk harming your self or your loved ones.

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