Nutrition and Health Playing Vital Roles in Peace Corps

By Jessica Cordero

Under 5 Clinic Group
Under 5 Clinic
Under 5 Clinic in Kalambo Village, Mbala, Zambia

The Tulemane Health Clinic in Mbala, Zambia had a catchment area that was over: 25,000 people! The staff included 2 nurses, 1 clinical officer, 1 housekeeper, 1 records keeper and 1 environmental health technician.

The clinic would go out to the far away villages in the catchment area and weigh children Under 5 years, administering vaccinations to help prevent many diseases. During these outreaches, the babies are weighed and monitored to see if they are under weight.

If a child is underweight, the clinic would provide education to the mother and in extreme cases (where preventative education does not work), the clinic provides the family with enriched soy meal to provide protein to the child.

Purchasing Food at the Market

Purchasing things Day by Day

Selling things in smaller packets, allows people to eat one day at a time. The small packets of vegetable oil, 3 years ago, was about 25 cents, very expensive for this luxury!
Fish Market in Lilongwe, Malawi

Fish Market in Lilongwe, Malawi
Part of the main market, the fish market has a special section where vendors sell from their catch from Lake Malawi. Small fish called "Usipa" was one of the cheapest sources of protein. This fish displayed, "Chambo" is a local favorite, but over-fished and now more expensive. The primary reason for that is because the shrinking number of fish stocks found in lake Malawi because of unsustainable fishing practices and non-compliance with fishing regulations, according to Malawi's Department of Fisheries.
Children of St. Paul's Village

Peace Corps Efforts in fighting Diseases - Nutrition for the World

Kids in St. Paul's village posing for photo after an education campaign using drama as a tool for education about health and HIV/AIDS.

Community Excited with Mobile Show
Joyous Event
Over 10,000 people attended a Mobile Video Show, teaching families about preventative health via an entertaining media, music and dance. The Youth Activist Organization, a nonprofit organization, is setting up the mobile video unit and found that the villages were running to see the show. The show starts at night, and children lined up to get a sneak peak!

Video Show

Youth Activist Organization and Peace Corps Workshop
Workshop about Health

Sustainable Development: Workshops

Community groups were invited to attend a free workshop about nutrition, health and HIV/AIDS. The idea of workshops is about preventing disease before it starts. The main focus for many NGO's around the community was to help communities by allowing them to help themselves. Education had to start in a decentralized manner---"a bottom to top" approach. A Peace Corps goal was to teach and come up with appropriate health goals by asking the community how they are able to do it.

By using social mapping tools, the community comes up with the most sustainable method of implementing programs to a success. It's not easy.
It takes hard work from the community
and motivation to change habits that
have been passed down for centuries.

Soy products, beans, legumes, fish farming
and gardening were emphasis to combat the nutrition dilemma. So many children, adults
and seniors are poor and have to farm for survival.

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