Problems with Food in India

Safety Problems Related To food In India
by Guneeta Singh

We are what we eat. Our nutritional status, health, physical and mental faculties depend on the type of food we eat, how we eat and from where we eat. In India eating on sidewalk is very common and surprising for an outsider.Eating from street vendors or at sidewalks is basically very cheap, unhygienic and looks really delicious.There are also vendors that come door to door for selling a products like ice candy, ice-creams, pani puri, chaat, bhel puri, burger, noodles, tikki , gulab jamun etc.

All these food are sold for about Rs10 that comes out to be 2-3 cents when converted to American moneys. Even though people know that it's unhygienic still they will buy it because its cheaper and looks really delicious.Most of the vendors who sell these products don't even cover the products, wash their hands or even wear gloves while making it or serving to people. The ice candy that these vendor sell use lots of cheap synthetic colour which is really bad for ones health.I seriously can't understand that how can people eat food from the vendors who don't even wear gloves and who have long hand's nails full of dirt. [Untitled]

The unhealthy atmosphere is not only in the sidewalk restaurants but also in good Indian restaurants. People who own the restaurants, buy the vegetables in bulk at cheaper price and then cook all the dishes at ones in bulk and freezes it . They think that this saves their time and serves to the customer as ordered. They even uses a chemical compound in order to maintain the food crispy and tough.

The most serious problem that depresses people is the bad quality milk which is the main indegrient in all the eatables. The milk that is hygienic, pasteurized and that are sold in packets are really expensive . And the milk that is sold at cheaper price is basically 20% milk and 80% water. The water that they put in is contaminated water that often cause Malaria.

So the unhygienic surroundings and the eating habits causes various serious diseases like malaria, fever, diarrhea, flue, viral etc. So what you eat is what you are going to get in future. therefore eat healthy and hygenic.


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