Resistance training Benefits

by Carrie Murphy

Resistance training has many benefits, yet has been frowned upon by many women simply because they are affraid of "bulking up." The women who do get big from lifting weights do so because of either performance enhancers, and or high protein diets and hours in the gym. Weight training is great for everyone. It is especially great for women in preventing bone loss as we age. Bone density reaches its peak at the age of 30, and begins to decline at menopause which is approximatly age 50 for women. Bone density can also decrease in men, but usually not until about the age of 60. Therefore bone building, or resistance training is beneficial for everyone. It is not something that we can simply "build up in the middle of our lives", but we can still benefit from weight bearing exerceises. It helps with coordination, "motor learning." It also increases the amount of connective tissue and the number of capillaries supplying blood to the muscles. It keeps bones strong so that as we age we are able to maintain self sufficiency longer. Elderly people who fall while walking can easily break bones, and weight resistance training has the ability to decrease the risk for broken bones, and also decreases their chances of falling, because it improves strength and stability at the joints..

Not only is weight bearing exercises great for our bones, but of course our muscles, tendons and ligaments can all benefit. When we increase our strength, along with including proper stretching we are prolonging the quality of our lives in so many ways. To name a few; we are leaner, more alert, our balance is better, concentration is up, and bone density is better supported, thus, letting us keep pace with this fast paced world.

So give resistance training a whorl (unless you already do...keep it up!), stay hydrated, get a well balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals, and have fun at it.

For those of you who need guideance on resistance training, check out this page for some helpful hints and tips

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