Salty Chips! A Comparison of Favorite Snacks

Let me tell you what I felt about U.S. chips since I have been living in the U.S. for 4 years. I’m from South Korea. I usually don’t eat salty food. But I like chips and cookies. Whenever I eat Lays and Doritos, I feel it is very salty to me, but sodium in the chips is only about 180 – 250 mg. Even so, I drink a lot of cups of water or pop with it. So, I thought how does this much sodium make my tongue so salty? In contrast, my favorite chip ‘Saewooggang’ from South Korea is less salty than Lays or Doritos to me but Saewooggang has much more sodium than Lays or Doritos. Sodium in the Nutrition Facts Panel on the Saewooggang indicates 560 mg. this is unbelievable. This fact was surprised me because how much more salty chips have less sodium than less salty chips. This is very strange. So, I conclude that salty tasting chips doesn’t mean that the chips have too much sodium in them.

This is sodium comparisons of some chips between U.S. chips and Asian chips
U.S. chips Sodium Asian chips Sodium
Lay’s classic potato chips 180mg Saewooggang 560mg
Sun chips French Onion 130mg Sun chips 200mg
Pringles 170mg gamjaggang 290mg

by Sejoo Kim

[Editor's Note] The difference in saltiness in terms of taste is that the salt is baked or cooked into the chips from South Korea, but in U.S. chips, a lot is sprinkled directly onto the chip where it can come off in the mouth. --J. Learn

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