Seaweed/Seakelp's Delicious Health Benefits by Quang Tran

When we think of seaweed, most of us automatically think of sushi. But there is more to seaweed then your typical sushi. People around the world consume seaweed in various forms. In Eastern Europe, they puree seaweed into a paste to enjoy it on a nice piece of toast or cracker. Some have integrated seaweed into pasta and risotto dishes and some even used seaweed as a salt substitute by crumbling a little bit over what they are tying to season. And of course there are even those who eat the plant raw. But however it is consumed, the benefits are plentiful.

Seaweed is the only plant known to contain a vast majority of the minerals and vitamins a human body needs. Seaweed's benefits in vitamin and mineral content outweighs lots of fruits and vegetables that we are currently consuming. Not only does seaweed contain vitamins and minerals, it also contains plant protein, amino acids, fiber, beta carotene and enzymes.

Seaweed contains:

-Vitamin B1 -Calcium
-Vitamin B2 -Sodium
-Vitamin B6 -Zinc
-Traces of Vitamin B12 Vitamin D -Magnesium
-Niacin -Potassium
-Vitamin C -Iodine
-Pantothenic Acid -Iron
-Folic Acid -Vitamins E and K

So why is seaweed not consumed more by mainstream America? Besides from sushi, that's mainly due to the mainstream culture and media. Those who associate sushi with raw fish would generally steer clear. Anything different is weird. And as we all know, weird is not popular and therefore we must steer clear. But seaweed can be a tasty addition to any western dish. Currently, seaweed is slowly making an entrance into American society, sadly not so much as a food source, but more of a supplement . Seaweed is currently being marketed in as a supplement for its use as an anticoagulant, antibiotic, blood cholesterol reducer, dilatory agent, etc.

So why bother popping a pill/tablet or two? Instead, eat it. It is easier/cheaper on your wallet, tastier, and you know what you are going to be ingesting instead of trusting the supplement maker. If you like the flavor of sea salt, you would love dried seaweed. Not only are you consuming something beneficial to your health, you are treating your taste buds to a treat. So give it a try, you never know if you will love it.

Seaweed risotto
Seaweed Risotto

Seaweed and Rice
Rice and Seaweed

dried laver seaweed

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