Steamed egg with milk custard

by Alice Or

Hong Kong has been known as The City of Tastefulnes. Many people in Hong Kong like to try different kinds of new foods. The best example are desserts. People in Hong Kong have created over 100 kinds of desserts, such as steamed egg custard with milk, bean curd jello, sweet dumplings, egg tarts and many other desserts that are mixed with fresh fruits. All these desserts are healthy and easy to make. I will introduce my favorite dessert called steamed egg with milk custard. It also known as "Dun Dan" in Cantonese. It is contains eggs and milk which are an excellent dietary source of many essential nutrients, such as protein, choline, calcium and is low in calories. It is a really popular dessert.

Steamed egg with milk custard - Nutrition for the World

Ingredients : (Good for two to three people)

2 eggs

50 grams of sugar
(depending on how sweet you like it)

250 Milliliter of milk

[Editor's Note: It is common to give measurements in grams and milliliters in European and Asian cooking. ---J. Learn]

1. Use fork to stir eggs well
2. Heat the cold milk (warm but do not make it hot)
3. Put the eggs and milk together
4. Put in sugar
5. Cover it and steam it (be sure separate the water when steam)
6. Steam it for 12 minutes, open the cover every 4 minutes

Steamed egg with milk custard - Nutrition for the World

Here you go, you can either try the custard cold or hot. It is really smooth and tasty that you will never forget the taste and the feel. Hope you all will enjoy it.

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