The Importance of Garlic Related to Health

by Getachew Addis

Garlic has been used as a medication and as a spice for different types of food for many years. It can be consumed in different form--fresh raw, cooked, dried, aged, roasted, and as garlic oil. Garlic can be of benefit for healthy systems of human body . It enhances healthy immune system function which safeguards us against different diseases. Garlic is important in reducing some kinds of cancer which affect particular parts of human body such as colon, stomach, breast, prostate and throat. Garlic helps to activate white blood cells and reduce tumor formation. Moreover, garlic is highly recommended to prevent and treat the common cold.

An organized study was performed at the University of Maryland Medical Center to support that garlic is useful for preventing and treating common cold. One hundred fifty people were randomly selected for the research. In this study, some of the people received garlic supplements whereas the others received placebo for 12 weeks during cold season. After the research, the people who received

a placebo
were more affected than those who received garlic supplements. Besides, the symptoms lasted much longer in the placebo group compared to those who received garlic supplements. People who add garlic and garlic supplements in their diet are less likely to have a common cold.
A similar experiment was done by Peter Josling; 146 volunteers participated in the experiment. Josling gave garlic supplements to half of the volunteers and a placebo to the rest of them. The experiment was done during the cold season. After 90 days, only 24 were affected among those who took garlic and 64 colds were recorded of those who took placebo.

A study known as “the Iowa Women's Health Study” was accomplished with 41,000 middle-aged women who regularly consumed garlic and vegetables .The study showed that a chance of lowering colon cancer by 35% was possible. Some studies showed that garlic also reduces chemotherapy side effects such as fatigue and lack of appetite.

Some studies suggest that supplements of garlic would help to reduce cholesterol level; however, no studies have ultimately been able to demonstrate garlic has any effect on cholesterol level. To confirm garlic will have no effect on cholesterol, researchers took 192 adults who had a high cholesterol level and gave garlic supplements to some of them and a placebo for others. After 6 months, the researchers measured the total cholesterol level and found out no significant difference between adults who received a placebo and the adults who received garlic. Hence, it can be concluded that consumption of garlic doesn’t have an effect on cholesterol level.
A similar study conducted by Dr. Christopher D Gardner at Stanford University, California supported that consumption of garlic in any forms doesn’t have an effect on lowering cholesterol.

Much research has been done on garlic, and researchers found out that garlic is used to treat common colds, different types of cancers, and high blood pressure; however, based on different research, scientists concluded that garlic didn’t make any significant change on all types of cholesterol level.

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