The usage of Marijuana as food ingredients

Indonesian Official Okays Use of Marijuana as Food Ingredient by Edward Sugiharto

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country in the world. It has about 17 thousand islands. It is known as the world’s largest archipelagic state. Among those islands, there are five biggest island, they are, Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya. It also has many cultures, hundreds of different languages, as well as races. This diversity makes Indonesia become a very unique country with its various cultures and behavior. Nonetheless, in this article i will mainly focus on the different kinds of foods in Indonesia. There are hundreds of traditional food recipes that originated from indonesia. Yet, indonesia’s food is famous throughout the world, we can find many indonesian restaurant even here, in Seattle. The various kind of food come from the different islands and cities. An island has its own special type of food, such as, javanese fried rice, sop buntut( ox-tail soup), batagor ( deep fried tofu and dumplings mixed with peanut sauce), that come from Java island. Other examples are paniki (bat cooked with special ingredients), tuturuga (soup that use coconut milk and turtle’s meat) that come from Sulawesi island. Those are some famous examples of dishes from indonesia. Just as people in the U.S.A eat potato as their main food, Indonesian people also eat their main food as a companion of the side dishes. Nevertheless, the main food are also different for some islands, for example, people is Jawa, Sumatra, and Sulawesi eat rice as their main food. Meanwhile, sagu ( kinds of yam) are the main food for people in Irian Jaya and an island near it known as Maluku island. Main ingredients used for each food are also vary, for example, onion, garlic, nutmeg, turmeric, coriander, ginger, coconut milk, chili, and many more. I believe that those ingredients are familiar to you.

On the other hand, besides the various kinds of ingredients used to make the food, there is also some unusual ingredients involved in the making of the dishes, and i am very interested about that issue. You will be surprised if i tell you that Marijuana has been used as food ingredients. Yes, it is proven that marijuana is known to be one of the food ingredients in Aceh city, Sumatra island, Indonesia. Usage of marijuana and another kinds of drugs are strongly banned in indonesia. Drug trafficker will face a death sentence if caught by the police. However, using it as food ingredients is tolerable. Even the vice president, Jusuf Kalla legalized the usage of marijuana as a seasoning. The reasons that support this approval are the fact that the marijuana is being used only just to give local distinct flavor of Acehnese dishes. In addition, marijuana has been a spice that becomes a part of Acehnese cooking method. It is a part of a local tradition. One owner of the Acehnese restaurant in Jakarta was asked by a newspaper reporter, and she said, "Marijuana is available in any Acehnese kitchen just like coriander"."Marijuana is a widely-accepted cooking spice there". Most restaurants in Aceh use some pieces of marijuana leaves as a seasoning to cook rice, soups, as well as some entrees. Some examples of dishes that cooked with marijuana are, lamb curry, noodle soup, beef curry, etc. Local residents said that the dishes cooked with marijuana leaves will smell and taste better it will also give local distinct flavor. Many people said that food seasoned with Marijuana in Aceh is somewhat very delicious and addictive.

After hearing from the news, and reading some articles about this issue, i am convinced that the marijuana usage as food ingredients is considered safe. Using little marijuana as a food seasoning will not make you feel high as if you smoke it. It will not give harmful effect to your health either. However, it is still a controversy whether it is okay to use those marijuana as food seasoning. Some people agree and some disagree with that issue. It is your call to judge. “for each has own”

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