Traditional Chinese food for a day.

By XiaoDong Xing
Chinese food is famous around the world , but it can develop a different taste when prepared in other countries.


In China , the most important meal is breakfast because we have an adage which is "To eat a hearty breakfast ,have a filling lunch ,and a simple light dinner." Most of the time people like rice porridge or millet porridge. Also we have Tofu soup. In the morning, people get up early, they want some healthy foods rich in fibers. Foods can bring them energy for the day. So breakfast for Chinese people is very important. People pay more attension on the breakfast; they believe a great breakfast can bring them a good luck.

Millet Porridge. If you want sweet millet porridge , you can put a piece of sweet potato. Also jujube is really good for people who lack of blood .It contains protein, fat, sugar, carotene, vitamin c, and calcium, iron. Lotus seed is fine to put in the millet porridge. It will make it smell more nature.
millet porridge
Tofu Soup. It consists of tofu and something that is boiled or stewed with soy sauce as seasoning. The seasoning is made by tree mushroom and day lily. Tofu is made by beans, which are easy to be absorbed by people. It is good for people who has osteomalacia and teeth dysplasia . Tofu soup
Chinese pancake. It is a kind of pancake because it is made from flour, soy, and eggs .We brush sweet flour paste in the surface and then we fold up as the picture . Traditional Chinese food for a day. - Nutrition for the World


The breakfast is easy to be digested, but people need more energy in the afternoon. The foods for lunch like meat are in high calories which can keep people energetic, so that they will get ready to work and study hard in the afternoon.
Kungpao Chicken. It is a traditional Chinese food which was created in1886 by a person who works for the emperor . It contains peanut , chicken , vegetable oil , rice wine , soyasuce sugar , albumen, Szechuan pepper. It is different way to cook between China and American. The chicken is nutritious and rich in proteins. It is easy to be digested. The fried peanuts also rich in proteins, Vitamin E, Calcium, and other minerals. It is good for our brain. The egg whites are good for our skin and anti- aging. Kungbao Chicken can clear away the heat inside our body and the toxic material.
Traditional Chinese food for a day. - Nutrition for the World
Braised Ribbonfish in Brown Sauce There are three ways to cook the ribbonfish, steamed, braised with soy sauce, and fried. Ribbonfish is good for our stomach and prevent diseases. The ingredients include spring onions, the ginger, the garlic, salt, sugar, cooking wine, and water starch. Traditional Chinese food for a day. - Nutrition for the World


Dinner for Chineses people should be as simple as possible. People eat more vegetables than meat. They think intaking more vegetables for dinner is good for the stomach and easy to be digested.
Soya Bean Paste Noodles The recipe for this traditional noodle is pork, vegetables, and noodles. Noodles are easy to be digested, improve anaemia, and strengthen immunity. We mix a lot of vegetables with the noodles like cucumber, carrots, soya beans, and any other veggies. It is rich in Vitamins and proteins. Traditional Chinese food for a day. - Nutrition for the World
Sautéed Lily Bulbs and Celery It contains materials such as fragrant oil, VP and many kinds of vitamin, many kinds of free amino acids. It helps to lower blood pressure, good for brain, detoxify, and promote efficiency such as the blood circulation. It treats cough, insomnia. It can also help the elderly raise body immune ability, prevent cancer. The recipe is fresh lily, celery, mushroom, olive oil, and sesame oil. Traditional Chinese food for a day. - Nutrition for the World

All of them are home style dishes , and over 80% of the people in China have eaten those dishes.So , if you want the real Chinese food, just check this page.

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