Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes by Kelly Hewes

Diabetes is under diagnosed according to the National CDC and the American
Diabetes Association (ADA). The ADA claims that 8% of the American population,
which means that over 23.6 million have diabetes, 5.7 million people are estimated
to not even have been diagnosed yet. What is most shocking is that 57 million
American have pre-diabetes and are on their way to being diagnosed if they do not
change their life style habits. (1). What about the people who have diabetes but are
not over weight? The amount of people in the state of Washington who have type
2 diabetes an are normal or underweight has gone decreased almost 7% which
means that the overweight population who are diabetic has risen. In 2004, 84.2%
of the diabetics in Washington were over weight or obese this is up from just 78%
in 1995. (2)

After searching the internet and talking to diabetes specialist (Barbara Matheus)
who runs the diabetes center at the V.A in Long Beach California, I have come to
the conclusion that most of the studies done about diabetes have been with over
weight or obese people. Why have the 15% of people that normal or underweight
with diabetes being over looked by health care professional? The media and
doctors are checking people with the most common risk factor but are not routinely checking people who do not have that symptom. If 57 million Americans are on
their way to having diabetes and already 15% of the people diagnosed are of normal
or underweight then that means that 8.55 million people have diabetes and do not
know it. The health care providers need to be informed about this growing people
because diabetes is a manageable disease. There is no need to have diabetes lead
to more serious medical problems, treatments are easy life changes and or
medication can control the problem. Diabetes can be life treating if untreated, 15%
of the population should not be over looked because of their healthy weight.

Here are some links from the American Diabetes Association, and from the CDC on diabetes.

1. http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-statistics/prevalence.jsp


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