Vegetarian Dishes - Ethiopian

by Hirut T Gebrehanna

Many people may have not known that, Ethiopia, a country rich in culture and one of the oldest nations in the world, offers a very good selection of vegetarian foods. The country is primarily agricultural and processed foods are not as widely available as we see them in the western countries. Vegetarian dishes are widely used and often considered the poor man’s food. Those who are wealthy and could afford buying other food sources like and meat and poultry do not use the vegetarian dishes as they staple food. Only during the fasting period (two months out of the year and on Wednesdays and Fridays the whole community consumes vegetarian dishes for most part.
The vegetarian dishes consist of the following: Gomen – Collard green Shiro – Stew made from roasted and powdered chick peas Misir - Split lentils are stewed with onion. Almost all of the vegetarian foods are served in stew form and contain the traditional spices common across the various dishes. Nutritional Content: Collard green is very rich in minerals and vitamins. One Cup of collard green provides the RDA values for Vitamin K and A and also provided over 50% of the Vitamin C requirements. It is a rich source of folate and calcium. shiro Shiro wot is a very good source of fiber, protein, copper and iron. This is he main/staple food among the Ethiopians and widely used across various ethnic groups. One cup of Shiro provides 70% of the folate requirement. Misir: Misir Misisr is another popular vegetarian food which is rich in protein, iron and folate. It is also considered a very good source of B1 (thiamin).

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