by Hang Tran

A long time ago, yogurt was always thought as an ideal food for the body. Most people all like this food because of its taste, advantage, low calories and absolutely it is very good for health.
YOGHURT - Nutrition for the World

Many people, especially women often choose yogurt as perfect food to have a fit body and smooth skin. From result of some scientists, yogurt can help you increase your weight with 3 cups per day. The 30% calcium and protein in yogurt will help against feeling hungry without using any kind of milk, for those of us who don't like or don't use milk. In yogurt, there are still other nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin B5, zinc, and potassium, that bring many benefits for your body. Besides that, scientists also find that there are many catalyzes from calcium. These catalyzes can effect to activities of fat cell and helps them doing burning process easily instead of stagnancy in our body.

[Editor's Note: "Catalyzes" may refer to enzymes. Any enzymes taken in a food will be denatures in our stomachs, and digested in the small intestine, and will not have any activity as enzymes, so this statement is not accurate. ---J. Learn]

Yogurt is solidified by many kinds of bacterium that bring many benefits for people such as improving antibodies, preventing infection of fermentation bacterium, increasing the functions of the digestive system, and balance some micro-organism in the intestines. Scientists advise that people especially woman should eat yogurt once per day because of its benefits. [Editor's Note: Although these are commonly held ideas about yogurt, for the most part, the value of yogurt is as a good source of protein and calcium. ---J. Learn]

Nowadays, to meet some needs of many customers, some producers create many different kinds of yogurt with different tastes to give their customers appetite and more choice. Yogurt can be mixed with many fruits and even some kinds of vegetables to make a yummy dish, or you can freeze it to make ice cream. It is easy and economical to make by yourself.

This is some basic steps to make yogurt at home:

Prepare milk and "organic" yogurt.
YOGHURT - Nutrition for the World

Boil a gallon fresh milk to 180 degree C.
YOGHURT - Nutrition for the World

Then put it out and wait for milk's temperature decreases to 100 degree C.

YOGHURT - Nutrition for the World

Put a cup "organic" yogurt into milk and stir them.

Distribute the mix into some jars.
YOGHURT - Nutrition for the World

Put these jars into warm water and wait for 8 hours.
YOGHURT - Nutrition for the World

After that put them in refrigerator and just wait to eat.

YOGHURT - Nutrition for the World

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