sea cucumber

By Xiaoting Wang

My hometown is famous for sea cucumber which is of great value. It contains a great deal of nutrition, including nutrients which can hardly be found in other food .Eating some certain amount of sea cucumber can strenghen our resistance to disease. So sea cucumber is very helpful to our health .

Nutritional analysis of sea cucumber:
1.Sea cucumber with low cholesterol and fat, is a typical high-protein, low fat, low cholesterol food. It's good for high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, hepatitis patients.

2.Sea cucumber contains chondroitin sulfate. This may help the body's growth and development, to slow down aging muscles, and enhance the body's immune system. [Editor's Note: The primary benefit to chondroitin sulfate is in helping aging joints, and it is used in the U.S. as a supplement to help reduce wear and tear to joint of older people. --J. Learn]

3.Sea cucumber contains vanadium, a trace elements. It can participate in the transport of iron in the blood, and enhance hematopoietic function (making of red blood cells).

4. Recently, U.S. researchers extracted from the sea cucumber a special material - sea cucumber toxins, the compound can inhibit a wide range of fungi and certain human cancer cell growths and metastasis (the spreading of cancer to other parts of the body).

5. Edible sea cucumber may have some benefit in the treatment of aplastic anemia, diabetes, gastric ulcer, etc. [Editor's note: Many foods have health claims from traditional uses in folk medicine, and some of these benefits have been proven later to be true. Right now, the evidence on sea cucumber is still in the development phase. --J. Learn]
Dry sea cucumberChinese style

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