traditional Indonesian deep-fried chicken

In Indonesia, most chickens are "farmed" and in cages. It is usually very crowded in a cage. From the farm, it will be brought to the either the butcher or the market by trucks. I often see these trucks passing by in the streets of Jakarta, where I lived.
The delicious cuisine taste and quality of Indonesian food have been shared and enjoyed by people in many different places. It has become one of the most popular traditional foods spread -out all over the world. Among which, is the traditional Indonesian deep-fried chicken.
It can be found in many places, from homemade to restaurants, to the street side stalls or the push carts that go around the neighbor. It is very different than the fried chicken you find in here, the United States of America. It has a different taste and texture of the crisp. Traditional Indonesian deep-fried chicken is best served with rice, "lalap" which is vegetables like lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes, and "sambal" which is an Indonesian chilly sauce.
Here is the recipe that my grandmother often use to make traditional Indonesian deep-fried chicken:
- 1 (700 g) chicken, halved
- 2 Salam leaves/ bay leaves
- 500 ml water
- Batter: 1egg
- 5 tbsp tapioca flour
1 tbsp sliced shallots
1 tbsp sliced garlic
1 tsp sliced ginger
1 tsp sliced turmeric
1 tsp sliced galangaltsp coriander
5 candlenuts
How to make:
1. Blend all the ingredients in *A into paste.
2.Put water in a pan, add chicken and half portion of paste and Salam leaves, bring to boil until the chicken becomes tender.
3.Heat oil in a frying pan to later deep-fry the chicken.
4. Mix the remaining paste with tapioca flour and egg.
5.Pour the mixture into the chicken being fried until the batter becomes crisp.
To make "sambal":
2 tbsp sliced shallots
1 tsp shrimp paste
1 tbsp sliced red chilies
50 g tomatoes
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp oil
How to make:
1. Blend all ingredients in into a paste.
2. Put oil in a pan
3. Saut the paste until done.
When all is done, put the chicken in a serving dish with warm cooked rice, serve with sambal and garnish with raw vegetables of lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.
traditional Indonesian deep-fried chicken - Nutrition for the World

By: Christie Caryn Widjaja

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